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Moroccan Rugs Green Bay WI

Local resource for Moroccan rugs in Green Bay, WI. No Moroccan-styled home will be complete without ornate Moroccan rugs. These rugs are always handmade, and as they are hand-knotted and have a low pile, Moroccan rugs are far more durable than regular rugs and can last years if not decades. They are often loomed to look like stained glass windows and take advantage of rich, vibrant, and varied tones. If you want to check out Moroccan rugs for yourself, read on to find local listings for retailers in your area that sell these rugs and can tell you which rug will look best with the color scheme in your home.

Amouyal Glaoui Runner

Price per Unit (piece): $770

Glaoui Runner originating from Essaouira. Alternating motifs with different colors. Suitable for big surfaces in general (Hallways etc). It can also be used as a tapestry item.

Assouline Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $440

Intricate Kilim Tapestry originating from Marrakech and made by an Amazigh tribe. This piece should be assorted with modern furniture.

Azoulay Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $418

Glaoui Rug originating from the Atlas region. Dark colors with interesting motifs and a nice finish along the edges. It can be used as a tapestry item as well.

Fassi Kilim Runner

Price per Unit (piece): $770

Kilim Runner originating from Fez (Morocco's cultural capital). Alternating motifs and patterns with a beautiful finish along the edges. This runner can be assorted with any type of furniture.

Malka Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $462

Glaoui Rug originating from Northern Morocco (Tangiers). Distinct dark motifs (alternating blue and red). Small enough to be placed in a bedroom.

Mazagan Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $330

Kilim Rug originating from Marrakech. Intricate motifs with a simple design. Small enough to be placed in most areas.

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The Home Depot
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Office Furniture Outlet
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Wisconsin Furniture Mart
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Upholstery Unlimited
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