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Handmade Rugs Abilene TX

Welcome to the My Craft Work Local Pages. Here you will find local resources about Handmade Rugs in Abilene, TX and some related products that may be of interest to you. For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of businesses and services around Abilene, including Furniture Dealers, Home Furnishing Stores, and Interior Designers that should help with your search. Before you take a look at the local resources, please browse through our competitively priced products that you could order from the comfort of your own home.

Abehsera Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $275

Beautiful Kilim Rug from Agadir. Simple motifs with smooth patterns and a nice finish around the edges. It can also be used as a tapestry item.

Assouline Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $440

Intricate Kilim Tapestry originating from Marrakech and made by an Amazigh tribe. This piece should be assorted with modern furniture.

Azoulay Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $418

Glaoui Rug originating from the Atlas region. Dark colors with interesting motifs and a nice finish along the edges. It can be used as a tapestry item as well.

Gawa Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $385

Gawa Kilim Area Rug from Ben Grir. This is the type of rug that Nomadic Touareg tribes would use as their tent base. Simple and beautiful patterns around a central square motif. It can also be used as a tapestry item.

Inzagan Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $495

Glaoui Rug originating from Inzagan (Southern Agadir). Light/Dark Blue background with symmetrical motifs. It can be easily assorted with modern furniture or used as a Tapestry item.

Malka Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $462

Glaoui Rug originating from Northern Morocco (Tangiers). Distinct dark motifs (alternating blue and red). Small enough to be placed in a bedroom.

Larry's Upholstery Shop
(325) 676-1610
828 Butternut St
Abilene, TX
Andrew's Furniture Store
(325) 673-8354
2300 North 1st St
Abilene, TX
Extreme Auto Upholstery
(325) 692-6781
282 Ruidosa Ave
Abilene, TX
Chacon's Upholstery
(325) 677-2557
1042 Pine St
Abilene, TX
Lowry's Trim Shop
(325) 672-2287
935 Pine St
Abilene, TX
Furniture Outlet
(325) 673-2238
1190 Butternut St
Abilene, TX
Gallery Furniture
(325) 692-4000
1201 South Danville Dr
Abilene, TX
R & R Upholstery
(325) 676-7420
2517 N 12th St
Abilene, TX
Barnard's Refinishing
(325) 676-2451
1234 N 5th St
Abilene, TX
Alan's Upholstery
(325) 673-5661
1702 Pine St
Abilene, TX