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Antique Rugs Beaumont TX

When decorating your home, sometimes a modern look just isn't right. Maybe you want an old-fashioned look furnished with antiques. One such furnishing that can help a room come together is an antique rug. Whether genuinely vintage or simply fashioned in the style of an antique, and antique rug and complement a living room or any other room's design perfectly. If you are looking for an antique rug to complete your home, keep reading this page for more information on where you can acquire one.

Amal Kilim Runner

Price per Unit (piece): $687.5

Kilim Runner originating from Southern Morocco. Alternating motifs and patterns with a beautiful edge finish. This rug can lighten up your hallway with its vivid colors!

Gawa Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $385

Gawa Kilim Area Rug from Ben Grir. This is the type of rug that Nomadic Touareg tribes would use as their tent base. Simple and beautiful patterns around a central square motif. It can also be used as a tapestry item.

Hawz Glaoui Runner

Price per Unit (piece): $660

Glaoui Runner from Agadir. Very colorful motifs and a rich texture. This piece should be assorted with modern furniture. It is suitable for big surfaces (Hallway Living room etc..).

Inzagan Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $495

Glaoui Rug originating from Inzagan (Southern Agadir). Light/Dark Blue background with symmetrical motifs. It can be easily assorted with modern furniture or used as a Tapestry item.

Marrakech Glaoui Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $605

Glaoui Rug originating from Marrakech. Beautiful design with warm southern colors. Suitable for big surfaces (Hallway Living room etc..).

Sabra Candle Holder

Price per Unit (piece): $132

Handmade Moroccan Candle holder made with organic palm oil wax and embellished by a hand carved copper window. It ships with a tealight and a lime tealight support. We can make this model in high volume and we can also imprint your company logo on it!

Safi Kilim Rug

Price per Unit (piece): $220

Kilim Rug originating from Assafi. Intricate motifs with a simple design. Small enough to be placed in most areas and can also be used as a tapestry item.

Sahara Glaoui Runner

Price per Unit (piece): $1045

Beautiful Glaoui Runner originating from Ben Grir. Very intricate central motif with creative and colorful patterns. Suitable for big surfaces such as Hallways etc...

Tafoukt Glaoui Runner

Price per Unit (piece): $825

Glaoui Runner originating from Marrakech. Central motif with alternating patterns and a nice finish around the edges. It can also be used as a tapestry item.

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